5225 Timber Creek Place Drive, Houston Texas 77084


Christ Apostolic Church Revival Center offers multi-cultural styles of worship, regardless of your cultural background; we believe our Worship style helps you connect with God in worship “come as you are,” expecting

  • Friendly, encouraging people in a welcoming atmosphere
  • Authentic, heartfelt Multi-Cultural worship in music.
  • Relevant, Bible-based teaching.
  • Qualified, safe care for your kids.
  • Celebration of life through the Sacraments of Communion and Baptism.


Our Worship is express and led of the Spirit of the living God. We recognized that our form of worship may be a new experience for many of you. You may ask;

  • Why do we clap our hands ? (Psalm 47.1)
  • Why do we raise our hands ? (Psalm 63:4, 1 Timothy 2:8)
  • Why do we worship the lord with such emotional  expression ? (Matthew 22:37)
  • Why our praise and worship so exuberant ? (Psalm 66:1-2, 81:1-3, 98:4-6)
  • Why do we anoint and pray for the sick ? (James 5:14-15)
  • Why do we speak in tongues ? (Act 2:4)

You‘ll Find relevance

We’ve designed our church to meet the needs of twenty-first century people just like you. Everything we do seeks to address everyday life. You will not leave Revival Center with thoughts of “so what?” because we’ve planned everything around your needs and your struggles. At Revival Center, you can’t help but know that God cares about right where you are. And it’s not “churchy”…you’ll want to invite your friends to let them see the difference.

You‘ll find an acceptance climate “Love”

No matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done, you are not alone. At Revival Center, we consider it primary that everyone is welcome. Think about it… We’re brand new! Every relationship in the place is practically brand new, so we are learning a growing together. People from all walks of life are making their home at Revival Center – because they knew they can be themselves.

You‘ll find Relationships

We think the two greatest things you can do on this earth is forge two kinds of relationships – vertical and horizontal. Revival Center is committed to leading people to grow in a relationship with Jesus Christ (the vertical one). And we are also committed to helping people develop relationships with others that will last a lifetime (the horizontal one). Everyone desires real relationships… we give you a structure to facilitate growth in those relationships.

You‘ll hear a fresh perspective, biblical based Word of God.

We believe the two thousand year old book called the Bible is the single greatest power known to humanity in transforming life. Revival Center will help you see that God’s word speaks right into your life situation.

You‘ll meet people whose lives are changing through Christian community

Community is a big deal to us! Too many times people find the church to be a world full of people who are only interested in status, pride or self-gain. At Revival Center, we believe that Christians were meant to “Do Life” together – not just on Sundays or around potlucks – but each week sharing life. We’ve found that there is great freedom and life when you experience community the way God intended for it to be.

You have needs that we are seeking to help with

At Revival Center, we are designing our ministries around every life stage. No matter where you are in life or what your family looks like, we have need-meeting ministries that can help your family. Regular people, just like yourself, have come to Revival Center to dream God’s dream for their lives, discover their gifts and enter into ministries that are designed around your family’s needs. You’ll find a world of help at Revival Center.

You‘ll find authenticity

REALNESS is our mandate. The bottom-line is this –at Revival Center you’ll find people living scriptural life “what you see is what you get” lives with genuine sincerity. And we believe anything else is simply unlike Christ!

If you’re interested in learning more about Christ Apostolic Church mission, vision, and values, then we think the next step for you is to be a part of Camp of God Family New Member Class. It’s a great way to learn more for anyone who is new to Christ Apostolic Church.

Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide Sunday School lesson is design to enhance your spiritual studies and strengthen your faith. Join Our Mission, don’t miss Sunday school.

During Sunday school; you will be assigned Sunday School class as follows:

  • Children’s Class based on their age
  • Youth Class
  • Adult Class
  • Yoruba Class

Why Sunday School is important

  • Sunday School improves your Bible knowledge. When you know and understand God’s Word for yourself, you are more likely to obey the Lord. The Bible knowledge gained in Sunday School also helps you become more proficient in using God’s Word, the Bible.
  • Sunday School assists your spiritual growth. Think of Sunday School teachers and class members who have modeled the Christian life. You learned from their examples how to live for Jesus. Most importantly, spiritual growth occurs best in the context of small-group Bible study. That’s Sunday School.
  • Sunday School provides a place to belong. In a Sunday School class you are known. You can share needs and concerns from your life. As you participate in class discussions, you become part of the group.
  • Sunday School helps you build meaningful relationships. You meet people, learn their names, hear their stories, and meet their families. You share fellowship times with class members. You minister alongside others.
  • Sunday School gives you opportunities to serve and minister. Contacts with unchurched prospects gives you the privilege of sharing your faith. You show the love of Jesus by ministering to class members who have needs.
  • Sunday School has a place for the whole family. In one trip to church your entire family can participate in the important purposes of Bible study, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, and evangelism. You gain the assurance of knowing every member of your family is involved in weekly, small-group Bible study, which is growing their Bible knowledge and helping them grow spiritually.

Sunday Worship at 10:00

A more modern time of worship. Lights down; volume up. A wide variety of worship music, from folk-based acoustic music to full-African Style, contemporary and Classical Gospel Music. Experience God in a more informal setting.

Camp of God Family International Day

We celebrate your culture every last Sunday of the month. Come fully dressed up in your native attire and your country flags.

During the week we have amazing and interesting programs:

Sunday Worship Services

  • Sunday School at 9.00 am – 10 am
  • Sunday Worship Services: 10.00 am – 12.00 noon

Camp of God Family Bible Study – Wednesday: 7.30 pm-9.00 pm

  • 7:30pm – 7.40pm: Praise and Worship
  • 7:40pm – 8.00pm: Congregational Bible Reading (Quiet Time)
  • 8:00pm – 8.45pm: Bible Study
  • 8:45pm – 9.00pm: Question and Answer

Camp of God Family Prayer Meeting”Friday: 7.30pm-9.00pm

  • 7:30pm – 7.40pm: Praise and Worship
  • 7:40pm – 8.00pm: Word of Wisdom
  • 8:00pm – 8.50pm: Prayer
  • 8:50pm – 9.00pm: Prayer/Closing

Camp of God Prayer Line: Ajigbare” Yoruba prayer Line

Monday- Friday: 5.30.00 am – 6.00 am Central Time
Phone: 712-432-0900. Access: 785612#

Christ Apostolic Church is Divinely and Strategically located in North West. Between, Houston, Katy, Cypress, and Copperfield.

Address: 5225 Timber Creek Place Drive. Houston, Texas 77084

From Downtown Houston:

Take I-10 East to Sanantonio, Exit on Highway 6 North. Turn Right at the Light, Travel one mile. Cross the following light/street (Pine forest and Clay Road). Immediately after Clay Road Light, you will See Fiesta Market on your Right. Next is McDonald Restaurant on your right followed by Walmart Neighborhood Market Proceed till you cross, Keith Harrow Blvd. Next Street is Addics Satsuma. Turn Right on Addics Satsuma. Turn Left on timber Creek Place Drive. We are on your right Side.

From Southwest Houston / Sugarland, Texas

Take Bissonet, Richmond, Beechnut or Westheimer to Highway 6 . Turn Right on Highway 6 and go North toward I-10

Cross I-10 (Take the over pass). Cross Pine forest light, Cross Clay Road Light. You will See Fiesta Market on your Right.

Next is McDonald Restaurant on your right followed by Walmart Neighborhood Market Proceed till you cross, Keith Harrow Blvd. Next Street is Addics Satsuma. Turn Right on Addics Satsuma. Turn Left on timber Creek Place Drive. We are on your right Side.

From Katy

Take Baker Cypress, or Green House, or Fry Road to Clay Road. Turn right on Clay road. Turn Left on Highway 6 North. You will See Fiesta Market on your Right.

Next is McDonald Restaurant on your right followed by Walmart Neighborhood Market Proceed till you cross, Keith Harrow Blvd. Next Street is Addics Satsuma. Turn Right on Addics Satsuma. Turn Left on timber Creek Place Drive. We are on your right Side.

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