5225 Timber Creek Place Drive, Houston Texas 77084


Welcome to Camp of God Men of Valor at Christ Apostolic Church Revival Center. Men and heads of households, our goal is to provides direction for our ministries and our life together. As followers of Jesus, we want to be a community that gathers and takes risks:
• To receive and engage a diversity of people,
• To celebrate life-giving worship,
• To love and be loved,
• To know and be known,
• To serve and be served
• To learn, pray and grow together.
• To live out faith in action,
• To seek peace, justice, and healing,
• To share time, ministries, and money.
• To be a community-oriented church.
Led by the Holy Spirit, we are continually transformed on this journey. That is our strength and our passion. It is our calling and it is the base to which we will invite you to join the team.


Our Mission

We are assisting and finding each man’s purpose in life, by encouraging men to be rooted and grounded in love through the power of God’s Word 1. To reach people of the various ethnic groups within the community, to see them become part of Christ’s Church. 2. To equip and mobilize those people to function fruitfully both in the local Church and in every aspect of their lives. 3. To win the unchurched and to assimilate them into a committed body of Spirit-filled Christian. 4. To equip people under the leadership of qualified ministers enabling them to fulfill their God-given purposes, to achieve a level of growth and maturity in these Christians that they may influence the community, the state, and the world. In our assembly, our objective is to build:

Our Vision

To build up men through the power of God’s love working through His Word to accomplish a renewed mind. To bring men into the true knowledge of Jesus Christ and to be rooted and grounded in His Word.